Registration is open

woensdag 28 november 2018

The registration for the 2019 edition is now open. For this edition, limited places are available. If you want to be sure of getting a bib number, choose your run below and and sign up now.

Day Run
On Saturday as well as Sunday prisoners can list themselves for the day run. During the day run you will cover an escape route of 8 or 14 kilometers. Looking for an extra challenge? During the chained breakout your faith is in the hands of a fellow prisoner. You will be chained together and cover the route together.

Night Run
Are you a trained criminal who dares to escape after sunset (9:30 pm)? Armed with only a headlight you will have to cover the escape route in the dark. A big challenge where the water elements are once again brought back this edition! During the Night Run the route you'll cover a route of 8 or 16 kilometers (two rounds of 8 kilometers).

The rascals have the chance to escape during the Breakout Run. The escape route will be 2 or 4 kilometers long. With this category, it's mandatory that one attendant per child joins. The route will be adjusted so the obstacles are safe for the youthful participants.

Young Gangsters

Are you sporty and do you dare to go through an escape route of 8 kilometers during the Breakout Run? This is your chance. Register together with your friends and show you are capable of escaping our heavily guarded prison. A big challenge for you fugitives to overcome the obstacles. With this category, it's possible that one attendant per child joins.

Last Man Standing
This category is meant for the heavy criminals. Who will become the ultimate jail breaker and keep himself out of the hands of the police the longest? The criminal who have covered the most rounds wins. The Last Man Standing category will start Saturday at 10.45 am and doesn't have a fixed distance. You'll first complete the 14 KM course. Then, you'll complete the 8 km course as much as you can. On the prison grounds participants will be faced with some big surprises. Obstacles have to be avoided, climbed and eventually overcome. The criminal who finished the most rounds at 4:00 pm wins a nice price.