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Become an accomplice

The Breakout Run could not exist without the many volunteers who help organize it each year. On May 11 & 12, 2024, all help is most welcome. Sign up as an accomplice and earn a free participation ticket and parking ticket for yourself or someone you know. 

As an accomplice, you will cheer on the fugitive during their escape attempt and help them clear the obstacles safely. It may also be that you get to provide the fugitive with some goodies at a drink station in order to stay ahead of the police, full of energy, or that you are going to make sure that the bags are neatly stored in the prison depot.


After your registration, we will contact you regarding your free participation ticket and your work. You can then, of course, indicate your preference to work with another accomplice.

Sign up?

Would you like to help as a handler at the Breakout Run? Then sign up using the form below. You will be contacted in February.