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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you are fit enough so you won’t get exhausted during your escape attempt. Keep in mind:
  • Are you not a good swimmer or can't you swim? Make sure to pass these obstacles.
  • Please avoid the mirror maze if you have epilepsy. This will also be communicated at the obstacle itself.
  • You’ll pass obstacles that are high. Do you have a fear of heights? We’ll then recommend to avoid these obstacles.
  • You’ll also run in the woods. Please check yourself for ticks after the run.
The clothing drop off will be located at the prison ground. You can leave your clothes here for free. There are also changing facilities available.

You can pick up your bib number on Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of June from 9 am at the prison ground. All registered participants will receive their bib number by e-mail in the week of the event. Please show us your e-mail (printed or on your smartphone) when you pick up your bib number. Haven’t you received our e-mail? It is possible our e-mail has ended up in your spam box. Please check that box as well. If you haven't received our mail, please come to info counter at the prison ground.

Do you have a cancellation insurance and would you like to cancel your participation for the 8K, 14K route or Last Man Standing (adult participation only)? Please fill out the contact form on our website before the 1st of May, 2020. For more information about cancellation, please read the terms & conditions.
Looking for an extra challenge? During the chained breakout run your faith is in the hands of a fellow prisoner. Your arms will be chained to each other with a rubber band of +/- 1 meter. Please note: you have to order one chain for two persons during your registration.

If you have ordered a chain, you have to return it at the finish afterwards.
Please keep in mind: when signing up for a low distance the registration fee, or part thereof, will not be refunded. Changing to a longer distance is possible provided that the difference in price is paid.

How to change the distance you've signed up for?

  • Log in to your account via the online registration form. You’ve received the link and password in your confirmation e-mail.
  • Click on ‘Change race’ when you’re logged in.
  • Choose your new distance and click on ‘continue’.
For more information about changes to your entry, please read the de terms and conditions. Do you want to update your personal information or order a product? Please re-enter your details by using my portal via the online registration form.

Would you like to change your distance? Please read the FAQ ‘Change your distance’.

Would you like to transfer your bib number to someone else? Please read the FAQ ‘Transferring bib number’.
If you want to escape successfully it’s important to wear the right clothes. Make sure to wear a good pair of running shoes. We also recommend wearing tight clothes and try to avoid cotton and anything heavy. Don't run with anything you don't mind losing and leave your accessories at home. And last, don’t forget to bring a towel and your dry after-race clothes.
With the Family Run, it's mandatory that one attendant per three children joins. With the Young Gangsters (12-15 years) category, it's possible that one attendant per child joins. You can add this as a product to your registration.

Saturday the 6th of June, 20

    • Last Man Standing
    • Adults 8K
    • Adults 14K

Sunday the 7th of June, 2020

  • Adults 8K
  • Young Gangsters 8K
  • Family Run 2K
  • Family Run 4K
The entry closes as soon as the registration limit of a cell block has been reached; first come, first served. If the event isn't sold out it will also be possible to buy a ticket on the day of the event itself.
The escape routes are 2K, 4K, 8K or 14K long. The routes will take you to rough sand, water and the forest. Approximately forty obstacles will be placed between the start and the finish line. The obstacles will be challenging, but doable for everybody with dose of perseverance.
Along the course at obstacles and after the finish there will be surveillance cameras. Don’t forget to smile here! All surveillance material will be uploaded afterwards on our Facebook page.


You can easily reach the prison grounds by car. The address of the parking lot is "Tolstraat, Schaijk". Follow the signs from here to the parking ground. To have access to this parking lot you need a parking ticket. You can purchase this during your registration. Show the digital ticket on the day of the event. Printing is also an option, but this is less good for the environment. Haven’t you received a parking ticket? It is possible our e-mail has ended up in your spam box. Please check that box as well. If you haven't received our mail, please contact us by filling in the contact form. On the day itself you can buy one for € 12,- at the event area (cash only).

Public transport

It is too early to say anything about accessibility by public transport Plan your trip here.


If you come by bike, there is a free bicycle parking area. Please make sure to lock your bike because there a lot of criminals around.

Break out with you cellmate(s)

Do you want to break out with your cellmate or with a group? Register individually for the same starting section. Does one person register the entire group? After each registration, click on ''register someone else'' and choose the desired payment method after the last registration. Are you not in the same wave? No problem! You can always start together in a wave at a later time.

Bootcamp Clubs

Do you want to join with your boot camp club? Become a training partner of the Breakout Run and receive a 10% discount on your registration. Contact us for the possibilities.

Business Registration

Looking for a challenging way of team building? Then participate together with your colleagues in the Breakout Run. An experience to never forget! Upwards of 10 people can register via iDeal or on invoice. Pay attention: a Chamber of Commerce number is required for this. Need help creating a team or adding team members to an existing team? Then read these practical manuals(only available in dutch):

Create a group | Participate in a group

This category is meant for the heavy criminals. Who will become the ultimate jail breaker and keep himself out of the hands of the police the longest? The criminal who have covered the most rounds wins. The Last Man Standing category will start Saturday at 10.00 AM and doesn't have a fixed distance. You'll first complete the 14 KM course. Then, you'll complete the 8 KM course as much as you can. On the prison grounds participants will be faced with some big surprises. Obstacles must be avoided, climbed and eventually overcome. The criminal who finished the most rounds at 4:00 PM wins a nice price. The award ceremony will take place after the last start.
After crossing the finish line, all participants will receive a medal as a souvenir of the event and a refreshing drink.
You can buy a parking ticket online during your registration. You can also buy a parking ticket online after you have registered. You can do this by signing up into your account via the online registration form on our website. You can add the parking ticket as a product to your registration. You will receive your ordered parking ticket a week before the event in your mail. Have you not ordered a parking ticket? On the day itself you can buy one for € 12,- at the event area (cash only).
You can pay via iDeal, Mastercard, VISA, Bancontact, Sofort Banking or Paypal.
On this page you'll find an oversight of all start times for Breakout Run. Please make sure to pick up your bib number at least 30 minutes before you start.
Along the trail, there are enough places where we provide something to drink and eat. After the finish you will receive a drink. There is also a wardrobe and facilities to wash the mud of your face.
The registration for the 8th edition is now open! Sign up now!
There will be shower facilities on the prison ground. Changing rooms are also available here.
The prison opens its doors at the 6th and 7th of June. The grounds shall be open to the public so one can be witness to a massive outbreak. Besides encouraging and mentally supporting the participants, there will be many other activities to enjoy. Drinks and food will be served, the prison will be open for viewers and together with thousands of people you can enjoy the music. Also, for the young visitors there is much to enjoy.
Celebrate your escape with our official Breakout Run T-shirts. You can order a shirt during your registration for € 15,-. The t-shirts will also be sold during the Breakout Run weekend if still available. Click here for more information and the design of the t-shirt.
By subscribing for Breakout Run you agree with our terms & conditions. Do you sign-up for a team? Make sure all team members are known with our terms & conditions.
Only the Last Man Standing category has time registration. The participants in this category can look up there result on this website a few days after the event.
Toilets can be found in the event area.

Transfer of your bib number to someone else is possible up to 5 days prior to the event. How to transfer your bib number to someone else?

  • Log in to your account via the online registration form. You’ve received the link and password in your confirmation e-mail.
  • Click on ‘transfer bib number’ when you’re logged in.
  • Fill out the name and e-mail address of the person who’s taking your bib number and click on ‘continue’.
  • The person who will get your bib number will receive an e-mail to complete the transfer.
  • The new person has to fill out their personal details. He/she can also add products to his/her registration. Please note! If you have already purchased any products, please let the person who takes your bib number know so he/she won’t order it twice.
  • When the new person has paid in the last step, the transfer is completed.