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Frequently Asked Questions

You are about to embark on a tough athletic challenge. An unforgettable experience and good for your health! Good preparation is half the battle. And that includes trying to avoid injuries and other physical discomforts. So read the tips below

Your preparation:

  • Make sure you are in good physical condition. Do not start the event untrained. Is there anything the organization or first aid need to know in case something happens? Then make sure this is known. For example, tell your sports buddy or put a (laminated) bill in your pocket.
  • Make sure you are vaccinated against tetanus (this shot is valid for 10 years).
  • Tape open wounds well prior to the event so that no water or mud can get in.
  • Wear athletic shoes with good tread and preferably tight, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

When do you not participate?

  • If you have an immune disorder or are pregnant.
  • If you are sick on the day of the event. Do you have a cold or diarrhea? Then other participants can get sick too!

During the event:

  • Keep your mouth closed under water as much as possible and do not swallow water or mud. Drink plenty of water during the run. The exertion causes you to dehydrate quickly.
  • Be extra vigilant with heart problems and epilepsy. When in doubt, pass the section.

After the event:

  • Rinse yourself immediately with clean (tap) water put on dry clothes.
  • Rinse wounds such as abrasions with clean water, wash with soap and disinfect. Go to the emergency room if the wound is deep or very dirty. Check your whole body for ticks and remove them as soon as possible with tick tweezers.
  • Sometimes flu-like symptoms or vomiting and diarrhea occur. Do you get symptoms within a month of the event that you go to the doctor with? If so, tell the doctor that you participated in this event.

For the age limits, the following minimum age on the day of the event applies:

  • 2KM | Family | 6+
  • 4KM | Rookie | 6+
  • 5KM | Junior | 12+
  • 5KM | Trained | 18+
  • 9KM | Advanced junior | 12+
  • 9KM | Expert | 18+
  • 14KM | Master | 18+
  • Last Man Standing | 18+

Make sure you exercised enough in prison so that you don't get exhausted during your escape. Keep in mind that:

  • Parts of the course require swimming. Don't have a swimming certificate? Then make sure you pass these obstacles.
  • You should avoid 'the sizzler' if you suffer from heart problems (or pacemaker) and/or epilepsy. This will also be communicated at the event itself at the obstacle.
  • You will encounter obstacles that are high. Are you afraid of heights? Then it is best to pass these obstacles.
  • You run in a wooded area, therefore it is wise to check after the run if you have not been bitten by a tick.

The clothing drop off will be located at the prison ground. You can leave a maximum of 1 bag per person here for free (at your own risk). There are also changing facilities available.

No refund of entry fees, or any part thereof, will be made in the event of a change in the distance for which entry has been made. Changing to a higher distance is possible, on condition that the current difference in price between the two distances is paid.

Notification of distance change

  • Please contact us to change your distance. Please note that changing is only possible when there is still space available.

For more information about changes to your entry, please read the de terms and conditions.

For a successful breakout, proper clothing is important. In any case, make sure you walk on athletic shoes with enough grip. It is also advisable to wear tight clothing as much as possible and not put on accessories that you can get caught with. Your clothes will get wet in several places on the course, so it is smart to wear quick-drying clothes. More information on clothing can be found below.


First and most important tip: no cotton! You stay wet and cold, become twice as heavy and sand etc. gets into everything. This applies not only to your shirt, but also to pants and socks. In summer, wear only a t-shirt. Preferably a little tighter, so you don't get stuck behind anything and which one won't lubble like a dress. Participate totally in theme? Then order your Breakout run shirt at registration or on location.


If you are participating in your first obstacle run, put on your running shoes. If you are going to participate more often after that first time, it is important to invest in good shoes. Shoes shouldn't be too heavy, offer plenty of grip, and drain water quickly if you've gone through the mud.


Besides shoes, clothing is the next step. Basically, your running shorts are fine for obstacle running. Short in summer, long and warm in winter. Nevertheless, in summer we often see longer tights over the knees. The reason is that while trekking or at other obstacles you quite often hit the ground with your knees. Often there are pebbles, grit or other sharp things in there. So if you are a bit attached to your skin and not a fan of scrapes put on something over your knees. Or wear knee pads.


Leave your cotton sports socks at home! After all, your socks will get wet and won't dry. Blisters and chafing are not something you want. A recommended option are toe socks. By wearing toe socks, you are much less likely to get blisters between your toes because they cannot rub against each other.

People also sometimes run with compression socks or compression tubes. One advantage is that these directly protect your skin in the event of ropes, for example. Furthermore, it protects against injuries and will help you recover faster.


Gloves are worn not only against the cold, but also for grip and protection of your skin. Incidentally, we find that not everyone agrees with this and still prefers to run with bare hands. Simple fitness gloves are not always sufficient because they become slippery when wet. So make sure you have gloves with plenty of grip if you choose to wear gloves.

In the Family & Rookie Run, it is mandatory that one chaperone runs with every three Gangsters (6 to 12 years old). In the Young Gangsters category (12 to 18 years old), one chaperone per child may run with them, but this is not mandatory. The companions must register in the same way as the children and thus hold a valid participation ticket.

The entry closes as soon as the registration limit of a cell block has been reached; first come, first served. If the event isn't sold out it will also be possible to buy a ticket on the day of the event itself.

Escape routes to break out are 2 km, 4 km, 5 km, 9 km, or 14 km long. The course will be led through water and forest in addition to the rough sandy terrain. The more than 55 obstacles that will be placed are challenging but achievable for anyone with a portion of perseverance. The number of obstacles depends on the lenght of the chosen route.

Security cameras are set up along the way at the various obstacles and at the finish line. So don't forget to smile! You can find all security footage after the Breakout Run on our social media channels.


By car, the prison grounds are easily accessible and there is plenty of space to park your escape vehicle. The address for the navigation system is Boslaan 49. From here, follow the signs to the parking lot. If you ordered a parking ticket with your registration, you will receive it by mail immediately after payment. It is more environmentally friendly to show the ticket digitally at the event site. Printing is also an option. Didn't receive anything? Check your spam box as well. If you haven't received anything there either, please contact the organization by filling out the contact form.

Public transport

It is too early to say anything about accessibility by public transport Plan your trip here.


If you come by bike, free, unguarded bike parking is available. Of course, there are a lot of criminals roaming the grounds, so lock it securely!

The Last Man Standing is the category for the strongest, fastest and best-trained criminals. The criminal who has covered the greatest distance wins a cash prize of €1000! The Last Man Standing category has no fixed distance limit. 

On 11 May 2024, The Last Man Standing will start at 10.00 AM after the joint warm-up after which you will have until 3.00 pm to complete as many laps as possible. The criminal who has covered the greatest distance by 3.00 PM will win the cash prize. Each round is 14KM long and must be completed as often as possible and correctly. All game rules for the Last Man Standing can be found here.

The Last Man Standing uses time registration. You can leave a bag at the marquee to get the necessary energy during the run. When you collect your starting ticket, you will be given all the information you need on the day. The awards ceremony will take place after the last start around 4.00 PM.

If you stay out of the hands of the police, a unique Breakout Run medal awaits you at the prison gate. Besides a medal you will also receive a drink and afterwards you can find a personal photo as evidence online.

You can buy a parking ticket online during your registration. You can add the parking ticket as a product to your basket. Have you not ordered a parking ticket? On the day itself you can buy one for € 10,- at the event area (pin only).

You can pay via iDeal. Only after making the payment is your participation final and you will receive the tickets directly by mail.

On this page you'll find an oversight of all start times for Breakout Run. Please make sure to pick up your bib number at least 30 minutes before you start. Notice that it requires a short walk from the parking to the entrance, so make sure that you're on time. 

Enough drink stations have been placed along the way to replenish fluids. After the finish you will receive a drink. You can also use rinse-off points and a checkroom at the event site (max. 1 bag per person, at your own risk).

Tickets are on sale online, click here to register!

There is a rinse-off point on the grounds where you can shower for free with hot water after the run. Changing rooms are also available here.

Want to stay overnight nearby before or after the Breakout Run? You can! With the discount code VUG-BREAKOUT you can stay with a discount at the Van der Valk Hotel Vught. Book your night via or via the hotel website + /actions. You can find more information via their website.


Want to recover, after toiling away, in the city? You can also stay at the new hotel The Den in Den Bosch!

Of course, there is plenty for the public to enjoy. Want to enter the grounds of the IJzeren Man to fully experience the atmosphere? Then make sure you buy a ticket to the IJM Strandbad. This can be done online via the webshop or on site at the box office for € 8.25 p.p. (0-4 years free entrance).

For the "smaller" spectators, there are plenty of fun activities. After your escape, of course you are hungry. And also as a visitor you get a craving for something tasty when you see everyone so actively engaged. On the food square is a diverse range, so there is something for everyone!

On the site is pin only.

Celebrate your escape with our official Breakout Run T-shirts. You can order a shirt during your registration for €25,-. The t-shirts will also be sold during the Breakout Run weekend if still available. Click here for more information and the design of the t-shirt.

By subscribing for Breakout Run you agree with our terms & conditions. Do you sign-up for a team? Make sure all team members are known with our terms & conditions.

The purchased bib numbers for the edition on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of May 2024. Participants do not have to do anything else. If you do not want or are unable to take part on the new date, the registration fee will not be refunded. Please refer to our terms & conditions.

We offer all individually registered participants the opportunity to transfer their registration to someone else. For the transfer itself, we will charge an administration fee of €8,-. Do you already know someone who wants to take over your starting permit? Please follow the instructions below.

  • Fill out the name and e-mail address of the new applicant and click on ‘continue’.
  • When you’re deferring your registration to another person, it is your responsibility to collect your money.

If this does not offer you a solution, please contact and include your confirmation number.

The Breakout Run could not exist without the many volunteers who help organize it each year. On May 11 & 12, 2024, all help is most welcome. Of course you deserve a reward for this.

As an accomplice you can fulfill different tasks, ultimately your main goal is to encourage the fugitives in their escape attempt and help them safely over the obstacles. Are you the henchman we are looking for? Sign up here.