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Escape checklist

Make sure to be on time in the courtyard of the prison this weekend. Read the escape checklist carefully that will help you escape more easily. Take a look at the escape route, the program, the map and check how you can reach the prison.


Are you ready?

#1 Pick up start package

In the week before the Breakout Run you'll receive your confirmation of entry by e-mail. Upon presentation of this email - printed or digital - you can pick up your bib number and ordered extra’s on Saturday the 1nd of June from 10.00 am and Sunday the 2rd of June from 9 am at the bib number desk at the beginning of the prison grounds.

It is possible our e-mail has ended up in your spam box. Please check that box as well. If you haven't received our mail, or you have been unsubscribed from our mailing list, please come to the bib number desk this weekend.

PLEASE NOTE: it’s mandatory to wear a headlight during the Night Run. Do you not have a headlight? At the event itself you can buy a headlight for €10, - at the information counter (only card).

If you have ordered a chain, you have to return it at the finish afterwards. At the event itself you can buy a chain for €5, - at the information counter (only card).

#2 Prison grounds and course

The Breakout Run will take place at De Maashorst in Schaijk (near Oss). No other area is a better place for a massive outbreak. The escape route will take you to rough sand, water and the forest. Prepare your escape in advance by checking out the escape route on our interactive map.

#3 Transport and parking

You can easily reach the prison grounds by car. The address of the parking lot is "Nistelrooise Baan 10, Schaijk". You can buy a parking ticket online during your registration. You can also buy a parking ticket online after you have registered. You can do this by signing up into your account via the online registration form on our website. You can add the parking ticket as a product to your registration. You will receive your ordered parking ticket a week before the event in your mail. Have you not ordered a parking ticket? On the day itself you can buy one for €7,- at the event area (cash only).

It is possible our e-mail has ended up in your spam box. Please check that box as well. If you haven't received our mail, or you have been unsubscribed from our mailing list, please send an e-mail to

Unfortunately, on Saturday and Sunday it is not possible to reach the prison grounds by public transport. If you come by bike, there is a free bicycle parking area. Please make sure to lock your bike because there a lot of criminals around.

#4 Time registration

We only work with time registration in the Last Man Standing and competition category. The participants from this groups can look up there result on this website a few days after the event.

#5 Last Man Standing

This category is meant for the heavy criminals. The criminal who have covered the most rounds wins. The Last Man Standing category will start Saturday at 10.45 AM and doesn't have a fixed distance.

You'll first complete the 14 KM course. Then, you'll complete the 8 KM course as much as you can. On the prison grounds participants will be faced with some big surprises. Obstacles have to be avoided, climbed and eventually overcome. The criminal who finished the most rounds at 4:00 PM wins a nice price and may call him the Last Man Standing for a whole year.

#6 What to wear?

If you want to escape successfully it’s important to wear the right clothes. Make sure to wear a good pair of running shoes. We also recommend to wear tight clothes and try to avoid cotton and anything heavy. Don't run with anything you don't mind losing and leave your accessories at home. And last, don’t forget to bring a towel and your dry after-race clothes.

#7 Facilities for participants and supporters

At the prison grounds, there are changing facilities and shower facilities available. To celebrate all the successful escapes of the Day Run we have an after party planned from 7 pm. This is great opportunity to stay until 9.30 pm and to experience the massive outbreak in the dark.

For the young supporters we have a children’s prison and fun activities. After your escape, you are probably really hungry. There will be food courts at the prison grounds for you and your supporters. We recommend you to bring enough cash because there are limited possibilities to pay by credit or debit card.

#8 Important notes

Make sure you are fit enough so you won’t get exhausted during your escape attempt. Keep in mind:

  • Are you not a good swimmer or can't you swim? Make sure to pass these obstacles.  
  • Please avoid obstacles that can tigger epilepsy. This will also be communicated at the obstacle itself.  
  • You’ll pass obstacles that are high. Do you have a fear of heights? We’ll then recommend to avoid these obstacles.
  • You’ll also run in the woods. Please check yourself for ticks after the run.

#9 Smile!

There will be surveillance cameras all over the prison grounds and the course. Don't forget to smile here! A few actors, which you may have seen in one of our videos, are walking along the prison grounds. Make sure to take a picture with them. Please be careful since they all aren't that nice. All surveillance material will be uploaded afterwards on our Facebook page.

#10 Respect nature!

This weekend, we are guests in a beautiful natural area and we would like to keep it that way. Please respect nature and stay on the paths as they have been set out by the organization.